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The Sportster® motorcycle has been a feature on the motorcycling landscape since it first hit the scene in 1957. This is the machine that’s done it all. Drag racing, flat-track racing, land speed records and every kind of street riding or cross-country trek riders could dream up. Simple, righteous, bare-knuckle style. Legendary engine. Easily affordable. Infinitely customizable. Updated for the modern era. Take it wherever you want to go. THE GREAT AMERICAN FREEDOM MACHINE Land speed records. Epic road trips. Racing. The machine that’s done it all, now does it all better. Powerful. Quick handling. Authentic custom style. AUTHENTIC H-D SOUL From drag racing to hill climbing to epic road trips, this bike has been there and done that. Easily affordable, infinitely customizable, and updated for the modern era. RUGGED EVOLUTION® V-TWIN ENGINE Iconic, air-cooled muscle at your command to deliver tons of low-end torque and soul-satisfying sound for an unforgettably fun ride. POWERFUL AND FUN TO RIDE You get modern H-D® engine power, nimble handling, great suspension and braking power. Take it wherever you want to go.